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Information for selecting a pump


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1-1. Piping by application
 (1) For pumping
 (2) For cooling water and cold water
 (3) For hot water
 (4) For hot water circulation
1-2. Pump performance
 (1) Discharge rate
 (2) Total head
 (3) Shaft power
 (4) Efficiency
 (5) Power and efficiency
1-3. Calculation of pump head and piping resistance
 (1) Basic equation for head calculation
 (2) When considering discharge pressure and suction pressure
      1) Total pump head of hydrant pump
      2) When the working pressure of the hot water supply equipment becomes a problem
      3) Circulation pump
      4) Positive suction
 (3) Calculation example of piping resistance
 (4) Material for calculating piping resistance
      1) Equivalent pipe lengths of fittings and valves
      2) Friction loss head of various pipes
 (5) Determination of the diameter of the water supply pipe
 (6) Relationship between water temperature and suction height
1-4. Measuring the total head using a measuring instrument
1-5. How to read pump performance
1-6. Resistance curve
1-7. Water Volume Adjustment
1-8. Relationship between pump performance and impeller
1-9. Parallel and series operation of the pum
  (1) Parallel operation
  (2) Series operation

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